Party Information

Current Party Renown:

  • Ikari: 1000/3000 (Unknown)

Current Party Reputation:

  • O-Kamachi: 500/3000 (Unknown)

Current Quests:

  • Make your Mark!: Jayden, Ethan and Simon have encouraged the party to take their time, make a name for themselves, and eventually meet up with them down in Harcourt as they study a mysterious disease.
  • Walk the Dinosaur: In the pursuit of the creatures from the Elemental Planes, the party has found out that rumors point toward the city of Kaeson, or, rather, a seclusive order of Druids to the West of Kaeson. What could the druids be intending with these terrible lizards?
  • FLUFFY: After the unusual encounter with a wounded Celestial Kirin, the group encountered a half-Balor pyrohydra, who had developing eggs and was a collared creature! Who would keep such a devastating beast as a pet, was it an escapee or released, and, most importantly, is someone breeding these creatures to commit heinous crimes? Only following the burned trail that leads north from Kura will be able to answer those questions.
  • All the Glitters…: A strange clearing filled with a planar breach to the Elemental Plane of Minerals has been found on the mountain behind Kura. This breach is growing in size, with some of the minerals streaked with the Jade Contagion!. What is causing this breach to grow, if anything? Has the party found a massive source of wealth, or some beings dark attempt to make their way to Creed?

Party Information

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