Skypes of Glass

Graduation Letter

Dated 1st of Summersend

To Our Dearest Friends,

Sorry we couldn’t make it to the graduation, but something came up in Harcourt that we’ve gotten caught up. Some sort of strange disease that’s causing people to become cocooned in a waxy substance. As much as this seems similar to the Gray Wasting, they aren’t dying, just staying in some sort of stasis. Jayden and Ethan are doing the best they can, but magic won’t cure it. So, most of our work is alchemical at this point, leaving me to work while they are out gathering herbs.

As much as I know you all might want to come down and help with this, though, Jayden has said he’d all rather see you working on your own deeds and helping the world as best you can. He thinks we have things in hand, and, even though Karreth Medical confirmed this wasn’t the Gray Wasting, he’s right. And Ethan is putting down good money that we all beat you guys to becoming fully recognized Heroes… though he forgets we’ve had a year’s head start on you all.

Basically, don’t feel obligated by the gift we’re sending you to come down and visit. Go out, help people! We’ll catch up the next time we’re in the same town. As for the gift, we found a box of those little pins out in an old forest ruin. Some sort of abandoned temple. We would have investigated, but some werewolves showed up and… you know what, that’s a story for another time.

With regards,

Simothi Pynes, Jayden Hart and Ethan of the Fast Lands

The Silver Sabers


Ganny Ganny

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